Secret Millionaire

What the new TV show should remind us of

A new show’s on each Sunday night.
It’s heart-warming TV.
They call it Secret Millionaire.
Yes, it’s reality.

A wealthy person hits the streets
without designer clothes
to mingle with those far-less-off
and understand their woes.

And in the end the one who’s rich
shows love and writes a check.
The plot reminds me of a man
whose gift we can’t forget.

His net worth was mind-boggling.
A millionaire and more.
But Jesus laid it all aside
to serve the working poor.

Without the trappings of His wealth,
He tasted of their plight
while trudging through their broken dreams
that marked their sleepless nights.

Much like the Undercover Boss
in camouflaged disguise,
He hung out with those needing help
responsive to their sighs.

Then Jesus emptied Heaven’s bank
and paid off sin’s cruel debt.
This Secret Millionaire still lives.
I wonder. Have you met?