Our Sickness-Prone Mom

Mother Earth is far from healthy

Our mom is really struggling.
First one thing, then the next.
It seems she’s been to hell and back.
Her health, once good, is vexed.

Her body’s bruised and bleeding.
She suffers from the shakes.
There’s war in Northern Africa
and in Japan there’re quakes.

Her radiation treatments
have left her scared and weak.
Each day her faith is tested
by reports of one more leak.

She nearly drowned “down under”
from flooding east of Perth.
Are you concerned, like I am,
for our dear Mother Earth?

The old girl’s got a fever.
She battles climate change.
While global warming seems the cause,
some critics think that strange.

Let’s pray that she recovers.
We can’t replace our mom.
There’s only one and she is it.
We’re doomed when she is gone.