April Fool’s Day

A holiday for wise guys; Fiber with a Flair

April Fool’s Day
A holiday for wise guys

It’s a day for pranks and playing jokes
on friends and unsuspecting folks.
A day for telling fibs for fun
without cracking a smile.

A day when fools are recognized
for swallowing outlandish lies.
When we can laugh at their expense
then call them all good sports.

So, don’t neglect this April Fool’s.
This unmarked holiday is cool.
Just “seize the day” and storm your brain
and “punk” someone you love.

Fiber with a Flair
A popcorn lover’s tribute to his favorite nightly snack

Popcorn is my favorite snack.
It’s fiber with a flair.
The calories are next to none.
It’s just like eating air.

From way back when I was a boy
(you’ll probably think it odd),
I thought of popcorn manna-like.
A daily gift from God.

That Jiffy Pop was quite the rage
until I finally learned
that lest you shake that tin pan fast,
the corn is bound to burn.

The hot-air kind was healthier.
That’s how it was made known.
But it was dry as cardboard puffs…
like chewing Styrofoam.

I make it the old-fashioned way.
A kettle on the stove.
Then pour the oil, add the corn
and wait till it explodes.

But yellow kernels aren’t my thing.
I only like the white.
A little butter and some salt.
Let’s pop some up tonight.