Mother’s Hands

Recalling fingers that modeled faith

With fingers intertwined in prayer…
That’s how our moms gripped hope.
By faith they grasped the Father’s hand
and held on so to cope.

Our mothers’ hands became the means
by which God answered prayer.
They rarely rested in pursuit
of finding ways to care.

Those gentle hands enveloped us
when we were very small.
They diapered us and cooked our food
and held us when we’d fall.

Those hands that touched our fevered brows
and rubbed our aching feet
were calloused by their servants’ hearts
and needs they tried to meet.

And when we struck out on our own
in search of grownup dreams,
those folded hands called out to God
to bless our hopeful schemes.

Those fingers dialed calling us.
They held a pen and wrote.
They typed a letter or e-mail
or texted a brief note.

Those hands (now wrinkled) symbolize
the values they passed on
to sons and daughters dearly loved
who all too soon were gone.

And so as we recall the one
God chose to give us birth,
we lift our hands in gratitude
to Him who holds the earth!