I’ll Be Back!

It takes will and grace to keep marital promises

The Terminator’s marriage
has imploded (so it seems).
It is terminated! Over!
It’s a shattered lifeless dream.

Still I hope that what seems broken
is at worst a hairline crack
that will be repaired when Arnold says,
“Maria, I’ll be back!”

Marriage takes a bodybuilder.
One who knows how to be strong,
who can bench-press heavy burdens
yet release forgiven wrongs.

Marriage takes a politician
who makes promises for change
and then implements what’s needed
to improve what’s bad (or strange).

Marriage takes two different viewpoints
seeing life from left and right
so to focus on what matters
when you lack sufficient light.

Marriage takes the will to work at
what derails you from the track
and the grace to say each morning,
“Come this evening, I’ll be back!”