This Little Weiner Went to Congress

If only it were just a nursery rhyme

This little Weiner went to Congress.
Then this little Weiner lost his seat,
for this little Weiner proved disgusting.
An Oscar Mayer reject — rotten meat!

He tweeted his repulsive ways on Twitter
revealing he is not fit for the House.
And then he covered up his lewd behavior
with courage most becoming of a mouse.

Do you think a hotdog Congressman like Weiner
is deserving such a beauty for a bride?
She’s entitled to a man who is trustworthy,
not an exhibitionist who tweets and lies.

What is sad’s the fact that Weiner’s wife’s expecting.
A little pig-in-blanket’s on its way.
And tragically his father’s indiscretions
will dog the little Weiner all his days.

God, help these hormone-driven politicians
who make laws but cannot govern what they do,
for in spite of grasping power, fame and fortune,
they have lost their grip on what is right and true.