Casey at the Bad

Pondering the tragic death of a negligent mother’s little girl

So was it Casey at the bad
or did young Caylee drown?
I wonder if the jury can decide.
Was George a “loving father”
in the worst use of the term?
Or is that one more way that Casey’s lied?

I’m grieving for that sweet young girl
and how (it’s thought) she died.
I’m angry that the cops were led astray.
You can bet that God is weeping
as He watches from above
and observes depraved behavior on display.

Jesus said all little children
claim a place inside His heart.
such that judgment waits for those who cause offense.
Those who victimize the helpless
incite God’s most righteous wrath
and will be the object of His recompense.

Kids are God’s most precious treasure
for to Him they represent
unself-consciousness along with simple trust.
Heaven’s Kingdom is reserved for
those who claim a child’s heart
and are innocent in terms of greed and lust.