Uncle Sam’s Spending Problem

Is raising the debt ceiling the best solution?; Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Uncle Sam’s Spending Problem
Is raising the debt ceiling the best solution?

Our Uncle tends to overspend
because of those who freely lend
beyond what is responsible.
He owes more than he knows.

And now his VISA’s fully maxed.
The pressure finds him feeling taxed
and worried that he might default
and lose his credit score.

“Just get a Mastercard!” some say.
“Forget about your urge to pay.
Bequeath your nieces (nephews too)
whatever debt remains.”

“Oh, no!” my Uncle contradicts.
“My spending craze has left me sick.
I must repent and borrow less
and live within my means.”

But since Sam has no discipline
(because he’s driven by his whims),
all talk of changing is just talk.
His credit card is king!

Happy Birthday, Mr. President
What were you doing when Obama was born?

Barack Obama’s fifty. Wow!
I was nine when he was born.
John Kennedy was president.
My breakfast flakes were corn.

The race in space had just begun.
The Berlin wall grew tall.
The Cold War started heating up
Our laundry soap was All.

Back then the only residents
the White House claimed were whites.
To talk of a black president
could land you in a fight.

How times have changed. We have progressed.
We’re nearly color blind.
And yet we have a ways to go
to treat each other kind.

Best wishes, Mr. President!
On this your special day,
I pray God grants you health and help
to guide us in His way!