Eulogizing the Orchardist

Remembering Steve Jobs and his amazing apple crop

In the orchard of technology,
an orchardist named Steve
would cultivate an envied crop
most found hard to believe.

The world-class apple he devised
was pleasing to the eye.
The Macintosh that he produced
we couldn’t wait to try.

Unlike the apple Adam ate
(too quickly picked by Eve),
this apple changed the way we’d work.
We owe our bite to Steve.

That byte would prove a big-league chomp
and make his critics choke.
The jobs his orchard would brought about
were hardly just a joke.

Beyond the windows, what a sight!
‘Twas very plain to see.
What Steve created shaped our world
though it was not PC.

A genius, that’s what he was.
iPod. iPhone. iPad
were fruit of his amazing mind.
And that’s why we’re so sad.

My iPhone buzzed with breaking news.
The orchardist had died.
“How weird (yet how appropriate)
to learn this way,”
 I sighed.

“The jobs report won’t be the same.
Technology’s bereft,
because the apple grower’s gone
in spite of all he left.”