Dolphin Tale

It’s more than just a feel-good movie; Poets Paint with Words

Dolphin Tale
It’s more than just a feel-good movie

In case your flipper doesn’t flip
or you’ve lost legs to war,
resist the lie that says you’re through.
You’re not! There’s so much more.

There’re endless possibilities
and options you don’t know.
So doubt your doubts and feed your faith
until it starts to grow.

The pain of loss can paralyze.
But in your helplessness,
you have the chance to watch God work
amid your grueling tests.

So why not make a date to see
the movie Dolphin Tale?
It offers hope to those who hurt.
It is a parable!

Poets Paint with Words
A poem for National Poetry Day

There is a time for everything.
Our lives are marked by seasons.
And poets capture these with rhymes.
Their rhymings each have reasons

that prompt the pictures that they paint
from palates blurred with words.
With broad strokes and with narrow ones,
they brush the truth they’ve heard.

And yet their winsome works of art
can be misunderstood
by critics who are blinded to
what makes their paintings good.

But unsung poets can’t be stopped.
Their canvases are framed
by knowledge they’ve been called to paint
in spite of how they’re shamed.

* October 15th is National Poetry Day