Road Rage on Wall Street

Has the American dream become a nightmare?; Speed Kills

Road Rage on Wall Street
Has the American dream become a nightmare?

There’s road rage on Wall Street.
It seems no end’s in sight.
And often what’s so ugly is in tents.
What is worse, good Lord, it’s spreading.
There’s a road rage in my town.
Yes, the drivers of these protests are incensed.

But their longed-for destination?
It is all over the map.
The anger’s more apparent than the cause.
They’re upset by corporate bailouts
and the stalled economy
and a feuding Congress that cannot pass laws.

What began back there on Wall Street
is a snapshot of our times.
It’s a picture of our strained democracy.
Nerves are frayed and rage is brewing
on the left and on the right.
There’s the stock-car party and the one for tea.

Speed Kills
A call to slow down on the race track of life

There is danger when we speed around
the race track known as life.
And when we do we often lose control.
When we grip the wheel too tightly
and the landscape’s just a blur,
what is most at risk is peril to our soul.

When the pedal’s to the metal
and we blow-by pit stop cues,
we’re deprived of what we need to reach the end.
Plus, the joy is in the journey
(not the fabled checkered flag).
We’d do well to smell the roses, racing friends.