How “Words With Friends” Became Words with Enemies

Alec, do you know how to spell C-O-M-P-L-I-A-N-C-E?

Like Alec, I like “Words with Friends.”
It’s Scrabble on-the-run.
With letter-luck and strategy,
this game is loads of fun.

But “Words with Friends” on Alec’s plane
became a war of words.
When told to turn his i-Phone off,
he acted most absurd.

Ignoring pre-flight courtesies,
the actor became crude
which spelled big trouble for A.B.
resulting in a feud.*

His mouth played words I cannot print
(not minding Qs and Ps).
It seems that “Words with Friends” gave way
to “words with enemies.”

But life’s too short to pick a fight.
Can’t we just get along?
Let’s heed the peace and goodwill words
within our Christmas songs.