God, Bless Us Everyone!

Tim Tebow’s after-touchdown prayer; Longing for a Long-ago Christmas

God, Bless Us Everyone!
Tim Tebow’s after-touchdown prayer

It’s Christmastime in Denver town
and Tebow’s brought the gifts.
He’s won six straight and wowed his fans
by giving them a lift.

But Tiny Tim’s been criticized
by Scrooges who defame
his prayerful after-touchdown pose
as pious or as lame.

They claim his faith is just a crutch
that proves the kid is weak.
But they can’t fully understand
the goal Tim daily seeks.

There’s more than end zones on his mind.
For him there’s so much more.
His bottom line is pleasing Christ
not just the final score.

And so Tim prays with gratitude
just like Bob Cratchit’s son.
He prays God will be glorified.
“God, bless us everyone!”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs898BJM6YY

Longing for a Long-ago Christmas
Remembering a much simpler and Christ-honoring season

A hometown scene, a horse-drawn sleigh
and memories of another day.
The sound of church bells on the hill
and skaters on the pond.

A Christmas tree lit on the square
and wreaths abounding everywhere.
The crunch of snow beneath your feet
and sounds of southbound geese.

The street lamps beam a brilliant light
as dusk gives way to winter’s night
and in the distance carolers
begin their serenade.

I long for such simplicity
when Jesus Christ’s nativity
was recognized as what alone
assures joy for our world.