The Lord Remains Our Light

When the power goes out (and worse)

When Mother Nature’s winds blew strong,
they toppled trees. It seemed so wrong.
They stole our power, sapped our strength
and rendered us in need.

But God our Father calms the storm
the day we die or when we’re born.
When we’re afraid, He calms our fears
and whispers “Peace! Be still!”

Amazingly, He gives us grace
for trials we are called to face.
When darkness falls and faith grows dim,
the Lord remains our Light!

* This was written to honor a friend who died in the recent snow and icy storm in Seattle (that caused a power outage for nearly a half-million people). Philip Gregory Barber was moving his ATV out of the garage when a tree fell on him killing him instantly. Ironically, his daughter-in-law gave birth to little Macy (his second granddaughter) the day of his death. As you read this, please pray for Greg’s widow Irene and their family. Check out Greg’s obituary at

** A neighbor of the Barbers has written about Greg in his blog. I commend to you the writings of Michael Wolf at