Eli’s Coming!

A Super Bowl at Peyton’s Place

Eli’s coming to Peyton’s place
with Giant dreams and boyish face.
He hopes his brother’s Hoosier home
will prove the place to be.

Archie plans to be their too.
The Manning men do what they do.
They “man” their way to victory
all in the family.

But Brady and Coach Belichick
have other plans I do suspect.
They’re Patriots (like Paul Revere)
who never do say die!

Like David (back in Bible days),
they understand the Giants’ ways.
Goliath-dreams don’t scare them none.
Their aim is to destroy.

Come Sunday we will know who won.
And either way, it’s so much fun.
The chance to cheer for whom you want
(and watch commercials too).

* The title is of this week’s poem is a play on the old Three Dog Night song “Eli’s Coming!”