Because Your Love is Gone

A Valentine’s Day requiem;
Remembering Whitney Houston

Because Your Love is Gone
A Valentine’s Day requiem

Your Valentine has passed away
and come that very special day
there are no flowers or a card
because your love is gone.

That day when Cupid shoots his darts
while taking aim at couples’ hearts,
your breaking heart just aches and bleeds
because your love is gone.

Those picnics in the park are past.
And bedtime chats you thought would last
are only longed-for memories
because your love is gone.

No box of chocolates anymore
or walks at dusk along the shore.
This day for lovers leaves you flat
because your love is gone.

That’s why I said a prayer for you
and told the Lord you’re feeling blue
and need the warmth of His embrace
because your love is gone.

And then I think I heard Him say
on Valentine’s (and every day),
“I hold the grieving in my heart
because their love is gone.”

* This poem it dedicated to all those who are facing their first Valentine’s Day after losing their mate to death. It was inspired by my mother’s grief, Even though she was married to my dad just shy of fifty-eight years when he died three years ago, she continues to pine for her handsome prince.

Remembering Whitney Houston
A tribute to “The Preacher’s Wife”

A gifted girl who had it all.
A winsome beauty standing tall.
A giant voice that dwarfed the rest
while teaching rock to roll.

We knew her as “The Preacher’s Wife.”
But Whitney’s life was marked by strife
and riddled by the wrath of drugs
and demons she denied.

So on this day “The Grammys” reign
(as we recall the singer’s pain),
let’s pray that Whitney left this world
while clinging to God’s grace.