In Memoriam

It’s more than an Academy Award segment

There’s that segment at The Oscars
where they take one final bow.
I’m referring to the ones who’ve passed away.
“In Memoriam” they call it.
One last chance to say goodbye
and recall the winning roles we watched them play.

And it always is quite shocking
to admit each one is dead.
When we watch their films, it seems they still live on.
But they’ve left us. And it’s final.
They aren’t ever coming back.
They’re not acting like they’ve died. They’re really gone!

In the movie we call Living,
death is written in the script.
Our lines may vary, but the plot’s the same.
We must leave our props and costumes
and be judged for what we’ve done,
when at last the Main Director calls our name.

Death is certain. It’s a given.
There’s no way we can escape.
But we need not fear the outcome when we’re gone.
There’s eternal life that’s waiting
for each one who’s claimed God’s grace
in anticipation of that day to come.