Before the Final Rose

Exposing the hidden thorns of “The Bachelor”

The search for finding lasting love
(as seen on ABC)
is good for ratings every Monday night.
But the stuff The Bachelor models
is quite toxic for young teens.
What it teaches them ’bout dating isn’t right.

How they drink booze just like water
sends the cue you need some wine
to converse and get acquainted from the start.
And the way The Bachelor makes out
with whatever girl he’s with
means there’s bound to be a lot of broken hearts.

Getting intimate with several
is The Bachelor’s dream come true,
but it cheapens what’s intended for “the one.”
“Kiss and telling” and comparing
undermines the myst-er-y
of discovering “what’s only just begun.”

And I ache for those rejected
who do not receive a rose
even after they surrendered innocence.
While The Bachelor has a fan base,
what it does to fragile hearts
is degrading and just doesn’t make much sense.