A Mother’s Love

Lessons from a postcard delivered fifty-five years late

Did you hear about the postcard that a mother sent her son?
She mailed it fifty-five long years ago.
But the postcard never got there (even though it had a stamp).
And the reason it got lost we’ll never know.

But that postcard from his mother did eventually arrive.
Just last month it was delivered after all.
Scott Mc Murray, now retired (and his mother long-since dead),
got a note of love in her familiar scrawl.

What a gift! How unexpected! How amazing! Such delight!
Just imagine tears of joy Scott must have cried.
From the grave her voice still whispers through a letter lost for years.
And it says a mother’s love can’t be denied.

Mother’s love forever reaches to the child she has born.
There’s a bond that can’t be broken or undone.
And though circumstances threaten to defeat what it intends,
a mother’s love won’t quit until it’s won.

Much the same our loving Father sent us letters from His heart,
but too often (and by many) they’re misplaced.
If we’d read them we’d discover His pursuing love prevails
and will seek until it finds us. It’s called grace!