Honoring Our Mothers

Taking our cues from a dying Son

A mother wept (bent low with grief),
her son condemned as if a thief.
This one who’d filled her heart with joy
now bled hung out to die.

Yes, Mary stood beneath the cross
confused, convulsing, feeling lost.
This one she’d nursed and rocked to sleep
now closed his eyes in pain.

Yet, Jesus saw his grieving mom.
And knowing he would soon be gone
conveyed his love most tenderly
with words that touched her heart.

“Behold, your son,” he gently sighed
while nodding to his friend nearby.
“Take care of her,” he asked of John,
“Please treat her like your mom.”

And in that moment Jesus graced
his mother with a special place.
And we’d do well to do the same
in light of what moms do.