Digging Around the Family Tree

Instructions for caretakers

When digging ’round the family tree
don’t be suprised at what you see.
Some unmarked graves and skeletons
are there to be unearthed.

You’ll find some things that make you sad
and other things that make you mad.
But in the shade of that old tree
you’ll also find some gems.

The soil’s rich. The roots go deep
and what is there will make you weep.
Both tears of pain and gratitude
just knowing you belong.

So tend the tree that bears your name
and guard it from all blight and shame.
The fruit it bears in years to come
may well depend on you.

* For the past week I have had the privilege of hosting Norwegian relatives on their first visit to America. Sharing photos and telling stories have been informative and inspirational. My appreciation for my ancestral roots in Scandinavia has been deepened by their visit. I’m reminded of the television series called “Who Do You Think You Are?” on Friday evenings on NBC. Well worth watching!