Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Reflecting on the worthiness of Queen Elizabeth; God, Save the Queen

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Reflecting on the worthiness of Queen Elizabeth

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
she is the fairest still.
The Diamond Jubilee’s for her.
It’s not for Kate and Will.

Yes, QE2 deserves all this.
She’s reigned since ’52.
And though large cracks have marred the Crown,
she’s been like Super Glue.

She’s held the monarchy in tact
through scandal, loss and change,
and yet the budget for this bash
may seem absurd and strange.

But ritual’s a priceless jewel.
It’s worth more than we think,
for pomp and circumstance have forged
the strength of history’s link.

Since Paul and Ringo thinks she rocks,
(and most the Brits agree)
instead of gripe about the cost,
we all should let it be.

God, Save the Queen
New lyrics for the Diamond Jubilee

God, save this aging queen
and may Your sovereign dream
for her come true.
May she and Philip see
Your hand in history
while bowing to Your majesty
and to Your grace.