Hey Dad!

A Fathers’ Day message to military dads serving overseas

Hey Dad. your kids are very proud you’re serving Uncle Sam,
but they sure do miss you since you’re far from home.
They are worried for your safety and they ask the Lord each night
to protect you when you’re frightened and alone.

Hey Dad, your son is certain what he wants to be someday.
There’s just one thing that he really wants to do.
While standing soldier-straight he gives a miniature salute
and says one day he wants to be like you.

Hey Dad, I heard your daughter brag about you to her friends
while primping at the mirror combing curls.
She says you call her princess and that you’re her handsome prince
even though she knows she’s daddy’s little girl.

Hey Dad, your wife is counting days until you will be home,
She can’t find the words to say how much you’re missed,
You’re her hero plain and simple and that’s what she tells your kids
as she tucks them into bed with one last kiss.

Hey Dad, you’re being thought about a lot this Fathers’ Day.
No one else can fill your shoes or take your place.
You are loved by God in Heaven and by family here on earth
as you go about your duties at your base.