Reach for the Stars

A baccalaureate hymn

Reach for the stars, but stoop to help your neighbor
who’s lost his footing on life’s rocky road.
Success is measured by much more than dollars.
Your worth derives from lifting someone’s load.
The bottom line (when all is said and finished)
is what you’ve given, not how much you’re owed.

Set lofty goals, but seek the Lord to reach them.
It’s His desire to help you to succeed.
He’ll make a way when dreams are dashed or doubtful.
He can restore the hope you dearly need.
God knows your name and can be fully trusted
if you let go and let Him take the lead.

Glance back with pride at what you have accomplished.
Gaze forward at new opportunities.
Look deep within and focus on your motives.
Don’t overlook but own the things you see.
Do not be blind to flaws that blur your vision.
Just visualize who God wants you to be.

Reach for the stars but serve the One who made them.
His grand design is purposeful and good.
Your God will clarify what seems uncertain
while guiding you to do the things you should.
Take confidence in knowing what He’s promised
will be provided as He said it would.

* The above lyrics can be sung to the tune FINLANDIA