A Quiz for Newlyweds

Evaluating the first year of marriage

It’s been a year since you “I do-ed”
and made your marriage bed.
And so let’s test what you’ve achieved
as veteran newlyweds.

When tempted to assert your way
and disregard the other,
did you give in or choose to serve
the wishes of your lover?

Did you carve out a time each week
to have a special date?
Did you attempt to say each day
“I love you” to your mate?

When romance bowed to life’s demands
and passion’s flame grew dim,
did you remember feelings fade
but will return again?

Did you take walks while holding hands
and stop to smell a rose?
Did you encourage talks with God
and books by which faith grows?

When stress at work refused to stay
and followed you back home,
did you confess your inner angst
or face it all alone?

When anger raised its ugly head
resulting in a fight,
did you resolve to talk it through
before you said “good night?”

Did you find unexpected ways
to celebrate your spouse?
Like secret notes or weekend trips
or tidying the house?

When income and expenses clashed,
how did you two behave?
Did you ignore the bottom line
or did you start to save?

Did you rehearse the day each night
before you fell asleep?
And did you both together pray
the Lord your souls to keep?

Well, there it is. A lovers’ quiz.
A test of what you vowed.
Are you dismayed by how you scored?
I’m hoping that you’re proud.

* this lovers’ quiz is dedicated to my daughter Allison and her husband Tim who were married a year ago this week.