The Ultimate Olympic Champion

Anticipating a closing ceremony to come

For God so loved the world
He refused to remain in the starting blocks of Heaven.
With a shot of inspiration,
He entered the human race
hurdling over the barrier of sin
in order to run alongside us.

Leaving His divine prerogatives behind,
He dove into the pool of culture
making a controversial splash in human history.
His form was impressive and His timing amazing.
No wonder He received a perfect score.
All the same His credentials were criticized
and His nationality called into question.

Crowned with a victor’s wreath,
He was paraded before an apathetic crowd
before He ascended the awards podium.
High and lifted up on an old rugged cross,
He bowed to His Father’s will.
No national anthem was heard that day.
Just a chorus of hisses and boos
and a dreadful dirge of death.

Collapsing from more than exhaustion,
His Olympic trial was over.
The marathon of obedience
had taken a greater toll than anyone had anticipated.

He had tasted of the thrill of victory
and the agony of defeat
as well as the indescribable satisfaction
of knowing His performance
would bring the grandstands to their feet
at the closing ceremony of time.

For every knee will bow (in Heaven and on earth)
and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.