A Fat Boy’s Big Dreams

And the nightmares caused by bullies

There’s that fat boy in the Nikes
we see jogging in big shoes.
Makes me think about the jeans I owned at ten.
I wore “huskies” and I panted as I ran those fifty yards.
And I grimace just remembering back then.

Kids can be so cruel and heartless
as they hurl unkind remarks.
Like a javelin, words pierce and go real deep.
Having felt the sting of bullies,
how I ache for boys like me
who can smile by day then go to bed and weep.

I’m so proud of Nathan Sorrell
and the progress he has made
to become a much more healthy 12 year old.
May his mockers soon be muffled.
May his hopes and dreams come true
as he takes first step to reach his lofty goal.

And that lofty goal is greatness,
what God wills for all of us
as we run the human race and walk with Him.
We are born to know His pleasure
as we push with all our might
to accomplish what it takes to finally win.

*based on this Nike commercial aired during the 2012 Summer Olympics