Enjoy the Ride!

Advice on turning 60

A friend of mine turned 60
and it gives me cause to share
some road wisdom on this milepost of life.
Be more apt to count your blessings
than to add up your regrets.
Come to think of it that’s biblical advice.

Look ahead straight through the windshield.
Don’t fixate on rearview mirrors.
What’s around the bend is bound to be real swell.
Mind the limits of those speed signs.
There’s no need to go too fast.
Roses aren’t the only thing to stop and smell.

Keep your bucket list beside you.
There’s no telling what’s to come.
There’s no use procrastinating till some day.
Ditch your roadmap. Start exploring
places off the beaten path.
Take some risks and give a nod to “come what may.”

And while 60’s the new 40,
you had better check your brakes
and then verify your tires have good tread.
Better double-check your passport
and be sure you’re heaven bound
for you can’t change your allegiance once you’re dead.

Don’t forget to fuel your gas tank.
Service stations do abound
in a church or in a home group. You decide.
What’s important (downright crucial)
is to keep your faith on F.
Fill up daily. Trust the Lord! Enjoy the ride!