The Donkey and the Elephant

Can we hear what each is saying?; Big Bird’s Big Problem

The Donkey and the Elephant
Can we hear what each is saying?

The donkey and the elephant
have started to debate.
But we have trouble hearing them
because of deafening hate.

The donkey has his followers.
The elephant does too,
dividing our United States
into ones of red and blue.

Perhaps if we unstopped our ears
and opened up our minds
we’d see that both these candidates
aren’t really deaf and blind.

The blue and red of compromise
make purple when they’re mixed.
The hue of mountain’s majesty
is what we most need next!

Big Bird’s Big Dilemma
Is Sesame Street or Wall Street the problem?

Bert and Ernie are upset
about their friend Big Bird.
It seems that Romney wants him gone.
Now, isn’t that absurd?

The government may shell out bucks
for PBS TV.
But based on constant pledging drives,
who pays is you and me.

Sesame Street is not what’s wrong.
It’s Wall Street that not right.
The road to our recovery
is anything but trite.

So let’s not blame the yellow bird
for what the greedy do.
It’s time the guilty pay what’s owed
for robbing me and you.