A Tale of Two Coaches

What we can learn from Mike McCarthy and Bill Belichick;
From Wall Lake to Moon River

A Tale of Two Coaches
What we can learn from Mike McCarthy and Bill Belichick

Two head coaches. Two reactions
to what seemed two dreadful calls
as replacement refs disgraced the game we love.
Mike McCarthy of the Packers
swallowed hard but didn’t swear
while Bill Belichick began to push and shove.

So in life we, too, have options
as we choose how we’ll respond
when what’s right or fair is fumbled, sacked or botched.
Will we leave the field in silence
knowing justice was denied
or throw tantrums or some punches due to pride.

Bad things happen to good people.
Have you read the Book of Job?
What’s deserved is often hijacked randomly.
Losers win and winners suffer
and what’s right is left to rot.
That’s the way it is and has been endlessly.

Self-control is what most matters
as we both appeal and pray
that injustice be addressed and overturned.
Our reactions are a window
to our faith and trust in God
when we don’t get paid for what we feel we’ve earned.

From Wall Lake to Moon River
A poetic tribute to Andy Williams

First Andy Griffith closed his eyes
asleep in Jesus’ arms.
Now Andy Williams left us
for that place devoid of harms.

The boy from rural Iowa
who learned to sing in church
began to dream of brighter lights
than just a choir perch.

The Wall Lake kid with faith in God
would be “Moon River” bound.
Though not that tall, he dwarfed his peers
with his most-mellow sound.

And on that “River” Andy cruised
for more than fifty years
until he docked in Branson Town
when age slowed down his gears.

He serenaded countless fans
with melodies they knew
The light still twinkled in those eyes
as he strolled into view.

His “days of wine and roses” have
at last come to an end.
And more than just his moonlit friend
was waiting ’round the bend.

Peace to his memory!