From “I Do” to “I Doze”

How to awaken a sleeping marriage; A Thanksgiving Table Grace

From “I Do” to “I Doze”
How to awaken a sleeping marriage

You said “I do” so long ago
and now you say “I doze.”
Like unused limbs, love atrophies.
That’s just the way it goes.

What once excited leaves you flat.
Your routines yield a yawn.
And passion’s fruit remains unpicked.
Your taste for it is gone.

Unless you exercise your love
and work out aches and pains,
the joys of marriage disappear.
You tend to lose your aim.

The time has come to rouse yourself
before it is too late.
A sleeping marriage tends to die.
So, you’ve no time to wait.

Disrupt the norm. Experiment.
Start dating once again.
Then, ask the Lord to kindle joy
and feel love spark within.
* This poem was written for couples who lines no longer rhyme. Through it I hope to encourage some friends who are dealing with boredome in a marriage that lacks energy and joy.

A Thanksgiving Table Grace
New lyrics to America the Beautiful

Before we eat, we sing this prayer
with gratitude that we
can share this meal with those we love,
our friends and family.
Most awesome God, we sing Your praise
for blessings undeserved.
They call to mind why we are fed…
to reach out and to serve.

Remind us, Lord, of little things
that make our lives so blest,
like lids that blink and buds that taste
and sleep when we are stressed.
Most awesome God, receive our thanks
on this Thanksgiving Day
and fill this home with joy and peace
in Jesus’ name we pray!

(tune: America the Beautiful)