The Day After Thanksgiving

Why I’m eating crow instead of leftover turkey

The day after finds me
still scratching my head
perplexed why I porked out
last night before bed.

I’m kicking myself
that I lacked self-control
after leaving the table
sufficiently full.

But the leftover turkey
was calling to me
as I zoned out in front of
my flat screen TV.

I walked to the kitchen
and filled up a plate
in spite of the fact
that it really was late.

And then without thinking
(please don’t ask me why)
I served up a slice of
my wife’s pumpkin pie.

I was stuffed like a turkey
while heading for bed.
But this morning I’m filled with
a heap-full of dread.

The day after (last year)
I woke up this way
and vowed that I’d hold back
next Thanksgiving Day.

But, alas, I’m a liar
as my wife and kids know.
So, instead of more turkey,
I’m doomed to eat crow.