You’ve Got Mail!

How e-mail is replacing the neighborhood mailman

The mailman used to stop and talk
as he’d walk up and down the block
delivering small packages
and letters from his pouch.

We knew our carrier by name
and though he never found much fame,
I’m certain that his Uncle Sam
took pride in what he did.

Through wind and rain and snow and sleet
our mailman walked on weary feet
to guarantee delivery
before his day was done.

But through the years it all would change
as e-mail that we once thought strange
replaced the need for envelopes
and canceling our stamps.

A faceless voice with “You’ve got mail!”
would prove to be the coffin’s nail
as costs went up but not demand
for hand-delivered mail.

Still every Christmas, cards arrive
delivered by the one who drives
a stubby truck or walks his route
to bring joy to our world.