God Bless Them Everyone!

How Free Wheelchair Mission helps the Tiny Tims of the world

Bob Cratchit’s little boy was lame.
And while we know that young lad’s name,
we cannot know the crip’ling shame
that haunted Tiny Tim.

He longed to move around and play
with gifts he’d get on Christmas Day.
But Tim would sit immobilized
and watch most longingly.

The man for whom Tim’s father worked
was rich and mean. A selfish jerk.
Old Scrooge was not the least concerned
for anyone but him.

Scrooge lived his life with just one aim
to clothe himself with wealth and fame.
Amazingly, the man was blind
to human suffering.

But when Scrooge had a change of heart,
he found a way to do his part
to bring young Tim some dignity
and bless the boy with joy.

Free Wheelchair Mission does that, too,
at Christmas and the whole year through.
They lift the lame around the world
and place them in God’s hands.

To help them care won’t break the bank.
For what it costs to fill your tank
a child in need can know God’s love
and wheel themself around.

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