Pop! Goes the Weasel

Lancing Armstrong’s boil of deceit; Goodbye Abby!

Pop! Goes the Weasel
Lancing Armstrong’s Boil of Deceit

A big boil of deception
has been lanced and as it drains
the stench of overt lying fouls the air.
Deceit has robbed the public
of a trust they proudly held
in a champion whose records were quite rare.

When we choose not to be honest
and mislead those we inspire,
the dreams that shatter cannot be restored.
They are shards too small for gluing.
All the fragments that remain
are but promises now broken on the floor.

Is forgiveness sought expected?
Is the seeker quite sincere?
Or is such a strong-arm tactic to save face?
Coming clean (confessing failure)
is a worthy act indeed,
but the motive must be pure to bathe in grace.

Goodbye Abby!
A final letter to a dear lady

News of your death has filled me with a bittersweet feeling.
I’m glad you’ve been released from the bandit of dementia
that mercilessly robbed you of your memories and joie de vivre.
Nonetheless, I’m sad just the same.
Our world is less bright without your brilliant smile.

Thank you for a lifetime of advice giving
all the while taking the risk of being misunderstood.
You must have known from the start that speaking your mind
with the hope of touching another’s heart has a price tag.

I started reading your column when I was just a kid.
As I recall, it’s what got me started reading the newspaper to begin with.
I didn’t always agree with you, but your concise and candid replies
were fun to read and taught me about responsibility and relationships.

Your columns modeled how to reach out to those who reach out to you.
With humor and insight, you found a way to benefit countless readers
while personally relating to a single individual.
Your winsome writing inspired me to do the same.

And so I keep trying.
Writing and reaching with the hope of helping others
while encouraging them to listen to their heart and do the right thing.
With fingers on the home row of my keyboard,
I peck away hunting to find the success that marked your life.

Rest in peace, Pauline Phillips.
You were a dear, indeed!
Goodbye Abby!

A grateful reader.