The Gospel According to Downton

Sunday truth isn’t found only in church

The Downton Abbey craze is real.
But just what is it that appeals?
Me thinks there’s something in each script
that resonates within.

We see that nothing stays the same.
That beauty fades and so does fame.
That comforts we have long embraced
can’t go on without end.

Like Robert Crawley, we hate change.
To do things differently seems strange.
Our customs like old overcoats are,
oh, so comfortable.

The Earl of Grantham (like a mirror)
reflects our hate of what seems queer.
When insecure, we fight reform
convinced that we are right.

But growth occurs when we adjust.
We have to change. To thrive, we must.
While moral absolutes are fixed,
there’s much in life that’s not.