The Winds of Change in the Vatican (and Beyond)

The foundations of Christ’s Church are shaking

The winds of change are blowing
through Christ’s Church around the world
as the windows rattle and foundations shake.
Doors fly open unexpectedly.
It’s quite unsettling
as we try and come to terms with what’s at stake.

Popes resign and pastors struggle
making sense out of their call
as a business model trumps a shepherd’s role.
Doctrines once embraced are questioned
and taboos are redefined
as the winds of change begin to take their toll.

Holy Scripture isn’t honored
as the sole authority
when it comes to matters of both faith and life.
And the pressure to be tolerant
is much more than it seems
as reflected in who now can be a wife.

When to bend and when to challenge?
Those are questions we’d best ask
as the gale force winds bear down with gaining speed.
If we bend when we should challenge
then Christ’s Church will lose its right
to reflect His holy love and timeless creed.