The Weight of Waiting

Heavy thoughts to ponder

The weight of waiting
is a heavy burden
that stoops the shoulders
of the strongest
and drains the energy
of the youngest.

It’s a weight that slows the gait
of the fastest
and trumps the peace
of those most content.

To wait for a new pope to be named…
to wait for a fiscal stalemate to be solved…
to wait for a loved one’s surgery to be over…
to wait for a wayward child to find his way home…
to wait for a hurting marriage to be healed…
to wait for a broken heart to be mended…
to wait for an injustice to be overturned…
to wait for Good Friday to give way to Easter Sunday…
to wait for God to answer prayer
is a weight that bends us down
and tests our resolve to trust.

But trust we must
and wait we will
for that is the weight
that comes with being human.