The Insanity of March Madness

It’s crazy fun!; Love Does and Bring Him Home

The Insanity of March Madness
It’s crazy fun!

There’s a basket at the buzzer
to advance to the next round.
Oh my gosh, such sacred moments
make the hardwoods holy ground.

A half-court shot that swishes
and a clutch free-throw that ties
make for magic in March Madness
and can make a grown man cry.

Hoop fans multiply like bunnies
in advance of Easter break.
There’s a rush to fill out brackets.
It’s insane, for goodness’ sake!

Is that why it’s called March Madness?
Crazy me! I’ll bet it’s so.
But when fun gives way to gambling,
you can lose a lot, you know?

Love Does!
Bob Goff’s new book illustrates how and why

Religion can be quick to say
what’s not allowed, what’s not okay.
But Jesus had another way.
He simply said, “Love does!”

Some theologians complicate
what seems at first glance fairly straight.
To know God is to celebrate
because that’s what love does.

And while we live with questions still,
we’d best admit we always will.
Our job is just to find the thrill
in doing what love does.

And so today I’ll do my best
to try and pass the “love does” test
by making someone’s life more blest
convinced that’s what love does.

Bring Him Home
Jean Valjean and Les Miserable is now available

It’s fin’lly out on DVD.
At last the waiting’s done.
I’ll pop some corn and pour some Coke
and sing with Jean Valjean.

“Les Mis” (the movie) touched my heart
as tears ran down my face.
This motion picture points to God
and His amazing grace.

Javert, Cosette and Eponine
have caused me to explore
the law’s demands, love’s hunger pangs
and dreams that hope for more.

And best of all this movie
(with its haunting melodies)
has bathed my soul with hymn-like notes
that prompt deep joy in me.

So, won’t you get Valjean on disc
and (with me) “bring him home?”
The message is of lasting love
and points to God alone.