We are Resurrection People

A new Easter hymn; The Gospel According to Dandelions

We are Resurrection People
A new Easter hymn

We are resurrection people
made alive through Easter faith
for the risen Christ has freed us
from the power of the grave.
Eden’s curse has been rescinded.
Death’s defeated once for all.
Since the serpent’s sting is thwarted,
we’ve no fear to see him crawl.

We are resurrection people
made alive through Easter hope.
Though we grieve when loved ones leave us,
Jesus’ victory helps us cope.
When we’re sidelined by some sadness,
or beset when dreams have died,
we don’t need to be despairing,
for Christ’s grave stands open wide.

We are resurrection people
made alive through Easter love.
Christ has given us his Spirit
mindful of the tests we have.
He who gave the great commandment,
gives the means for us to live
with compassion, kind and caring,
quick to help and to forgive.

We are resurrection people
marked by faith and hope and love.
Christ is risen! Christ is reigning
from his throne in Heav’n above.
We need never be discouraged
knowing he is on our side
as we celebrate his vict’ry
through this blessed Eastertide.

(The above can be sung to the tune for “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee”)

The Gospel According to a Dandelion
Easter lessons from a hated weed.

Dandelions grow like weeds.
They multiply then go to seed.
But though they die and fly away,
it’s clear they live again.

While Easter lilies claim top perch
when palms give way to blooms at church,
it seems that dandelions should
be front and center, too.

For after all, as St. Paul said,
we grieve for ones who are now dead.
But not as those who have no hope
since death has lost its sting.