The Missing Have Been Found

A decade-long search has paid off; The Time Has Come to Walk

The Missing Have Been Found
A decade-long search has paid off
 The missing girls at last are found.A ten-year search struck gold.The love for those considered lostburned strong though clues grew cold. “We can’t give up! We must persist.There’s just too much at stake.”And in their words you hear their heartsthat beat and nearly break. When one so loved seems gone for good,God models what to do.He will not leave a stone unturned,but searches till He’s through. And so the Shepherd left the fold*in search of those deemed lost.He would not quit but risked his lifeno matter what the cost. The Lord be praised for answered prayer.
The missing have come home.
But still the Shepherd seeks to find
those lost who hide alone. 
* Luke 15:1-7 

The Time Has Come to Walk
Reflections on a daughter’s graduation from college*

It seems like only yesterday
I watched my little girl at play
amazed at her abilities
and dazzled by her charm.

In no time she was college-bound
convinced her school was holy ground
and from a distance I could see
she’d made the perfect choice.

Those halls of learning watched her reach
to grasp the truths of those who teach.
But now the time has come to walk
all clad in cap and gown.

And as I stand up to applaud,
I’ll cheer with pride and praise to God
for guiding one so loved so far
toward this milestone. 

* This poem is dedicated to Lauren Star Asimakoupoulos who graduates this Sunday from Wheaton College Conservatory of Music with a degree in flute performance.