Servants of the Most High God

A tribute to hospice nurses

When death knocks
and life’s clock
ticks in slow motion,
it’s easy to tell the time.
But it’s difficult to accept what it says.

That’s when hospice nurses
make their way
to the line of scrimmage
for the final minutes of the game.

They know that beating the opponent
isn’t possible
and yet they make the most
of the little time that’s left.

Tackling whatever is necessary
they clear the way so that you can
make your way into the end zone
with head held high
and faith clutched tightly to your chest.

They’re the best
(though they are often the unsung).
They are heroes of the dying
(and those living who stand watch).
They are angels of mercy, shepherds of grace,
guardians of dignity
and servants of the most high God.

* This poem is dedicated to Tricia who was my dad’s hospice nurse when he died in 2008.