The Syria Dilemma

Contemplating a moral response; And God Created Grandparents

The Syria Dilemma
Contemplating a moral response

Can crimes against humanity
be witnessed and ignored
when innocent young victims are abused?
Are we not obligated
by a moral sense of right
to retaliate by paying judgments dues?

Can monsters be permitted
to annihilate and maim
without fear of being weighed by Justice’s scales?
Are we not our brother’s keeper
or sister’s advocate
when they lack a voice to speak up for themselves?

Yes, the war on terror continues
as incarnate evil seeks
anyone or anything within its way.
But its ploys must be resisted
anywhere at any time
so to rescue those at risk who are its prey!

And God Created Grandparents
A poem for Grandparents Day (September 8)

Grandparents are what God designed
to underscore His grace.
Their love is unconditional
as shown by their embrace.

Their hugs convey how much they care.
Their words describe their pride.
A grandma and a grandpa
make you feel so good inside.

Grandparents tend to bend the rules
and grant what you request.
They’ve learned that life says no too much
and so they’re prone to yes.

A grandma and a grandpa know
to give their brood a break
for looking back they both recall
how much their hearts would ache.

Grandparents are the means by which
the Lord helps children see
how faith that’s tested through the years
withstands adversity.

They silently draw kids to Christ
without much need for words.
Their actions speak up for themselves
as what is lived is heard.