In God We (Still) Trust

A prayer on this 12th anniversary of 9/11

A dozen years ago we woke
to chilling news that left us broke.
The peace of mind on which we’d banked
was stolen in a day.

Four hijacked jets like flying bombs
destroyed our apathetic calm
as we collapsed in corporate fear
unsure of terror’s plans.

We fled to church and joined in prayer.
And though such piety seemed rare,
the slogan on our currency
called us to trust in God.

And as we think back to that day
when friendly skies turned ashen gray,
Lord, we remember those who died
and those who saved far more.

Now once again we wring our hands
as we try hard to understand
what’s happening in Syria
and how we should respond.

When crisis rears its ugly head
and hope dissolves to haunting dread,
the most agnostic finds his knees
and verbalizes faith.

When terror knocks at freedom’s door
and we despair at what’s in store,
the posture most appropriate
is that reserved for prayer.

Lord, as our leaders seek to lead,
on their behalf we intercede
requesting that their minds be bathed
with wisdom birthed by You.

May moral courage guide their hearts
as they make choices sure to start
a chain-reaction far from home
whose outcome is unclear.

O God, our help in ages past,
when votes in Congress have been cast,
remind us You are still in charge
and long for worldwide peace.