A House Divided

Listening to Lincoln at such a time as this; Dear Congress

A House Divided
Listening to Lincoln at such a time as this

Because our folks can’t get along,
we kids are suffering.
They’re acting childish (not grownup).
Their tantrum outbursts sting.

Why can’t they learn to compromise?
Why can’t they work things out?
We kids deserve our parents’ care,
but they gave us timeout.

A troubled marriage hurts the ones
who really aren’t to blame.
We are the politicians’ pawns
in this abusive game.

A marriage counselor named Abe
was just a common man,
but he spoke truth when he declared
divided homes won’t stand.

A Letter to Congress
With advice our mother might give

Dear Congress,

Take heed to what your mother said
before she tucked you into bed.
“Don’t close your eyes and fall asleep
before you say your prayers.”

And as you pray look deep inside
for evidence of greed and pride.
Please ask the Lord to help you
love your neighbor as yourself.

Forgive the one who calls you names
and in their anger places blame
on those they target as the cause
for making such a mess.

Ask God to help you get along
with those you feel are just plain wrong.
Remember, kids are taking cues
from what they see in you.