The Don of a New Day

How Don Schoendorfer is helping change the world

There’s Donald Duck and Donald Trump
and Donald Rumsfeld, too.
There’s Don Quixote, Don Corleone
and Don Ameche who

are quite well-known in movies, news
and even on TV.
But there’s another Don I know
who means a lot to me.

This engineer from M.I.T.
was not content with fame.
Don Schoendorfer quit his job
to serve and help the lame.

Free Wheelchair Mission is his cause.
It’s a global charity
that lifts the lame from off the dirt
and grants them dignity.

The night of shame and loneliness
that held the helpless down
has been displaced by rays of hope
in villages and towns.

This Don who models God’s free grace
to those who crawl on clay
is one I proudly call my friend.
The Don of a new day.