On Spiritual Wellness

What it takes to be totally healthy

I’ve come to see that wellness
is much more than being fit.
A healthy body needs a healthy soul.
And while dieting and exercise
can do a body good,
a person really needs a higher goal.

It’s great to run a marathon
or jog five times a week,
but running after peace has merit, too.
And while walking before supper
can burn dreaded calories,
a daily walk with God is good for you.

To bend and flex has merit.
So, we strive to stay in shape.
As we age we must maintain agility.
But God also wants to stretch us
to expand our usefulness.
It’s His will that we become all we can be.

Yes, our bodies are a temple
that deserve refurbishment
lest through disrepair they start to fall apart.
But a temple’s just a building
if it’s just an empty shell.
So let’s exercise our souls and guard our hearts.