Held Hostage By Fear

What the constant gun violence is doing to us

Another shooting?
God, forbid that bloodshed be the norm.
Those trigger-happy madmen aim at will.
The frequency of terror
finds us fearing what awaits
as those rifle-toting crazies shoot to kill.

At airports, schools or shopping malls,
at theatres or homes,
it is hunting season twelve months of the year.
And the hunters aren’t just grownups.
Far too often they are kids.
Without answers, we’re imprisoned by our fear.

We are hostages just living.
And it?s fear that holds us fast
in a mental cell of raw anxiety.
God alone knows who’s around us
with the means to do us harm
who are kidnapped by their brain?s complexity.

Lord, please help us help the helpless
who are haunted in their minds
by the voices and the thoughts that fill their heads.
Gun laws aren’t the only answer
when the mentally deranged
victimize the unassuming till they’re dead.