Bidding Goodbye to a Hero

A tribute to Nelson Mandela; A Tale of Two Pauls

Bidding Goodbye to a Hero
A tribute to Nelson Mandela

A liberator left this world
the day Mandela died!
And millions of South Africans
now mourn.
A hero has been silenced
though his legacy lives on
since his dream conceived
eventually was born.

This liberator left this world
much better than it was
the day he was unjustly sent to jail
Apartheid was dismantled
and the hopes for peace advanced
between those with dark skin
and those more pale.

A Tale of Two Pauls
Reflecting on the deaths of Paul Walker and Paul Crouch

Two famous Pauls
died the Saturday after Thanksgiving..
Paul Walker and Paul Crouch.

The former was a wealthy
“Fast and Furious” film star
who was the image of health and prosperity.
The latter was a health, wealth and prosperity televangelist
who founded the TBN cable network.

One was young.
The other twice his age.

Each had a following of viewers
that would boggle the mind.
Each influenced millions
they never personally met.
Black Friday morphed
into a Black Sabbath
as one succumbed
in the shadow of Magic Mountain
and the other died
in the shadow of Disneyland’s

The last day of November was the first day of eternity for both of them.
And while those who loved them grieve their passing,
the deaths of these two Pauls
remind us that each of us
will require a pall bearer
before we realize it.

What really matters is
being ready to face our Creator
before our fast-and-furious life
races to an end.