“I Love Lucy!”

Not the silly comedienne, but the saint!

I love Lucy!
No, not the ditzy TV redhead.
The one I have in mind
is the kind Italian brunette
martyred for her Christian faith
and venerated by the Swedes.

Santa Lucia drained her dowry
to clothe the naked,
feed the poor
and visit those in prison
in the catacombs in Rome.

With a crown of candles on her head,
she didn’t curse the darkness.
Instead, she illuminated a dark time in history
with her example.

Reflecting the glory of her Savior,
Lucy cast a glow wherever she went
invading the night
and warming those chilled by injustice.

And on this feast day
that commemorates her death,
Lucy continues to speak to us
through the message that marked her life
and the melody that claims her name.